VC Memorial Park

Euroa is the only town in the Commonwealth to have this many citizens granted the Victoria Cross.

The VC Memorial Park, Kirkland Avenue was opened on Sunday November 16, 2014.

The response of the Euroa community has been very enthusiastic about what is a major feature of our town. Major funding was received from Regional Development Victoria, the TPI Association, Strathbogie Shire Council, the Burton family and Anzac Centenary Commission, and donations came from near and far.

About 1400 people witnessed the Victorian Governor, Alex Chernov unveil the three statues of Leslie Maygar, Fred Tubb and Alex Burton. Speakers representing the principal contributors were present, the combined choir from Euroa Primary and St Johns schools sang, accompanied by the Euroa Secondary College band and Citizens Band, and Nicky Pummeroy and Gayle Fitzgerald entertained.

The Honouring Our Heroes Committee also involved the Memorial Avenue of Honour in Clifton Street, by correcting details and installing the remaining plaques of Euroa’s 130 servicemen who never returned. This has been achieved through grants, donations and voluntary labour. 


Honouring Our Heroes Committee
President: Neville Harris
Secretary: Paul Rieusset
Treasurer: John Sullivan 
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 103
Euroa VIC 3666
Phone: 03 5795 1910

Click here for the original business plan 2012.


Business Plan update

The original Business Plan, completed in 2012, proved to require modifications in a number of areas.

The plans for funding the project by approaching businesses and charitable trusts were found to be ineffective. These organisations usually require Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, but the Australian Tax Office was unable to grant that status because the relevant Act of Parliament does not make provision for DGR for new memorials.

Fortunately some major contributors stepped forward. The TPI Association, Strathbogie Shire Council, the Burton Family, the Anzac Centenary Commission and the Rotary Club of Euroa pledged generous amounts; a Goods and Services auction was well supported by both donors and bidders; and many smaller donations ranging from $5000 down were made by organisations and individuals.

We were now in a position to apply for a grant of $150,000 from Regional Development Victoria’s Putting People First program, and success in that application gave us the necessary funds to proceed.

The design also changed and developed. The information signs could not go at the back of the site due to overhanging trees, and locating them elsewhere proved difficult because numerous pipes and cables lie under the ground, including a Telstra cable directly under one of the commemorative trees. In order to retain a reasonable sized grassed area for ceremonial purposes, and for safety reasons, it was deemed necessary to remove the trees and historic guards around them. It was decided to place the statues facing Kirkland Avenue, and the information signs so they could be viewed from Brock Street.

Works began in May 2014 with clearing and levelling the site once detailed surveys and plans were completed. The rock wall was constructed, supports for the shade sails and information signs were installed, and concrete paths and the statue base were laid. In the final weeks the plinths for the statues were placed, the information signs were erected, the path surfacing was done and the irrigation and landscaping completed.

On November 14 the statues were put in place, shrouded in readiness for unveiling two days later.

A crowd of about 1400 assembled on Sunday November 16 for the unveiling by the Governor of Victoria, His Excellency Alex Chernov. Heavy rain overnight with strong wind caused concern, but the rain cleared by the 11 am starting time. An entertaining and moving ceremony took place, followed up by a barbecue and a lunch for the special guests.